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#164-G110 ~ Galatians 4:20-21

Gary Googe May 26

Salvation is both immediate and permanent. If you had to earn it, it would be progressive, but it is not. Our salvation is sealed permanently the moment we accept Christ as our Savior. We can’t lose it and then get it back numerous times. It is a once and for all event. It is much like physical birth. It happens once. It is when we are saved that we gain spiritual life to have a life with God. Regeneration is the term Paul used for this event in Titus 3:5. As we’ve looked at the Greek text before, that word [regeneration] means born again. PALINGENESIA is a compound term translated regeneration, meaning born again. PALIN means again and GENESIA means born. How much plainer could this be!!! All people are born spiritually dead–Ephesians 2:1. They all need spiritual life. Once we’re born again we need to then grow up spiritually. That takes time in study of God’s word.

We then go to Ephesians 5:17-18 where I explain the meaning of being filled with the Spirit. You’ll get a full explanation of that on this video as I relate it to a parallel passage in Colossians.3:16. As with so much of Scripture, what confusion people have created with it!

I then explain the difference between man’s works vs. God’s one work for man’s salvation. Only faith in God’s work is meritorious to save. Then, here again, I talk about the importance of the process of spiritual growth and development. Only faithful intake of God’s Word is going to create that. And even then it must be taken in under the principle of right division [2 Timothy 2:15]. Apart from that there will be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding the things God would have you to know.

I then explain the place of the Mosaic Law in salvation. Of itself it can save no one. It was given to drive man to the understanding that he needed a Savior. Man always falls short on creating the perfect righteousness God demands for salvation. Only by accepting what GOD has provided [2 Corinthians 5:18-21] can anyone be saved. I then go to James 2:2 to explain the demands of the Mosaic Law.–PERFECTION in righteousness. God graciously provides that perfect righteousness when someone puts their faith in Christ. Romans 3:19-20 and more there develops this. Man is totally deficient of what he needs to be saved. He must turn to God for it in faith.

We then go to Galatians 5:18 and I explain some things we need to know from all this. i point out the need EVERY believer has for a thorough understanding of the things given in the apostle Paul’s writings. There’s no other part of the Bible that is more important. Only Paul is OUR apostle. Don’t ever let anything or anyone keep you from being a serious student of his writings.

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