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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Our pastor-teacher is Gary Googe, a college and seminary graduate who has been a faithful and serious student of the Bible all his adult life. 

We also have a Board of Directors and a Board of Advisors made up of Christian men from various parts of America who share his love for God and His word.

Gary Googe


Larry Howes


Wade Googe


Board of Directors

Terry Duffield

Gene Murphy

Norm Dunaway

Richard Roberts

David Howes

Robbie Stringer

Dale May

Jimmy Morton

Board of Advisors

Joseph Ace

Art Arena

Ken Ray

Lee Blair

Michael Costello

Larry Thompson

Gary W. Googe III

Bob Hargrove

Earl Winterstein

Flave Hart

Don Hicks

Bill Pressler

Wayne Askew

Gary Shepherd

Pete Belding

David Hood

Jason Palisin

Glenn Jones

Our purpose is to lead people to the free and eternal salvation God offers through Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, it is to provide the teaching people need by which to grow spiritually into a full understanding of the things God would have them to know and apply from the Bible.

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    Your gifts will be a part of the means by which this ministry is supported and sustained.

    Our objective is to give people the truth they need by which to gain salvation and to grow spiritually.

    We very much appreciate your part in this great work.

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