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#204-EP4 ~ Ephesians 1:1-2

Salvation is free for us! There’s no charge at all. The only thing involved on our part is faith in what God has provided through ...

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#203-EP3 ~ Continued introduction to this fabulous book of Ephesians.

We’re still studying the first word of the first verse—Paul. He is the author of this fabulous book. I think you’ll be very pleased with ...

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#202-EP2 ~ We continue with some important introductory principles about this great writing.

We have many wonderful things to note as we begin our study of this marvelous book called Ephesians. Always remember that you can’t apply what ...

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#201-EP1 ~ Intro to a new Bible series covering the book of Ephesians

Introduction to a wonderful piece of work by the great apostle Paul.

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#200 ~ What is our greatest source of real confidence about our future?

Real confidence about eternity – Where can we get it? This is the subject of this video. It consists of information we all need to ...

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#199 ~ Apostle Paul’s 13 Letters – the manner of life we’re to be living.

What’s so special about the apostle Paul’s writings? I address that and more in this video. This is extremely important because the confusion about this ...

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#198 ~ What’s so special about the apostle Paul’s writings?

Who is this man, Paul to us? I’ve learned through the years that most people, even church leaders don’t know. Do you? If you don’t, ...

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#197 ~ The apostle Paul’s last words to us

I have found that most believers have no idea what these words were, let alone their significance. Are YOU familiar with them? You’ll know by ...

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#196 ~ What a shock and a surprise these events will be! Are you familiar with them?

Our subject here is “rewards” related to both believers and unbelievers. Payday is coming for them both. Will it be a good day for you ...

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#195 ~ The Great White Throne Judgment

Life here is short! After this it will go on forever. But first there will be a time of judgment. Two judgments are discussed in ...

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