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#204-EP4 ~ Ephesians 1:1-2

Salvation is free for us! There’s no charge at all. The only thing involved on our part is faith in what God has provided through ...

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#202-EP2 ~ We continue with some important introductory principles about this great writing.

We have many wonderful things to note as we begin our study of this marvelous book called Ephesians. Always remember that you can’t apply what ...

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Salvation:  Must one “confess Christ” audibly for it?

People can certainly quote Scripture that surely seems to say that such is required of us today for salvation. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt ...

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Questions: What are the main ones?

If you were to die today and our Lord asked you why He should let you into Heaven, what would you say? This is a ...

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Salvation:  Does God desire it for everyone? 

A part of the good news God has for us today is that He desires for everyone in all the world to end up in ...

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Salvation:  Do we have to endure in faith to the end? 

Can a person express faith and later lose their salvation? What a debated subject this has been between preachers and churchgoers! Both the means and ...

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Essentials:  What are they for Salvation & Spiritual Growth? 

An essential is something necessary.  Dictionaries define it as referring to something absolutely necessary; extremely important.  Scripture stresses the importance of faith.  In fact, it ...

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#168-G113~ Galatians 5:5 How you can know your salvation is secure?

Here are 7 reasons you can know your salvation is secure. There are two articles on our website [4Us2UsMinistries.com] about this— Salvation: How secure is ...

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Heaven:  How do you qualify? 

What confusion and division there is about this! Doesn’t the existence of so many church denominations affirm that? What are your beliefs about this? Are ...

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Salvation:  Are we saved because of our commitment to Christ? 

Off and on all my life I’ve heard people say that to be saved and someday be able to get into Heaven there must be ...

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