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Sins:  What did Jesus Christ accomplish at the cross?

People speak of Him dying there for the sins of the world.  Did He do that? Even though the answer to that is in plain ...

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#152-G98 ~ Galatians 4:6

I begin with a statement about this wonderful Savior God provided so that all of us could have a way of salvation. An important part ...

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#148-G94 ~ Galatians 4:5a

Our subject in this lesson is primarily that of REDEMPTION. This is to do with the fact that as sinners we were all slaves to ...

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#147-G93 ~ Galatians 4:5 – The Doctrine of Redemption

I begin with a brief review of what we noted in verse four. God loved us a enough to send us a Savior. What a ...

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Redemption:  What does it mean for us?

Three of the basic teachings of salvation are Redemption, which addresses our sin problem; Reconciliation, which addresses our alienation from God; and Propitiation, our need ...

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#146-G92 Galatians 4:1-5

I begin with a series of comments about being a good STUDENT of the Word of God, studying it with the realization that while all ...

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#133-G79 ~ Galatians 3:13-15

I introduce this study with some comments about OUR gospel today, the one God used to introduce this which is called the gospel of the ...

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#132-G78 ~ Galatians 3:13 concluding study

This study of Galatians and now Galatians 3:13 specifically is not going to be a rush job. Yes, we’re still looking at Galatians 3:13 on ...

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Redemption: What does this mean in the Bible?

The term redeem simply means to buy back. Because man is born a sinner, he is born a slave to sin.  In the Bible, the ...

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