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#132-G78 ~ Galatians 3:13 concluding study

Gary Googe Oct 08

This study of Galatians and now Galatians 3:13 specifically is not going to be a rush job. Yes, we’re still looking at Galatians 3:13 on this video. Our subject is still redemption. You can go to my article about this subject on our website and find some really good information on this. Go to 4Us2UsMinistries.com and type the word redemption into the search box. Hit the enter key and it should take you there to the article. What a marvelous work of redemption God has done for all of us through Jesus Christ. Anyone who accepts by faith, believing in what He did, will gain eternal salvation immediately. You’ll also find details about this and much more in my two books. [22 Key Promises you can count on & Discovering God’s Rich Blessings In Times of Suffering] They, also, are listed and available through our website. I hope you’ll put that order in today.

Ephesians 1:7 is where I begin on this video. There we have a simple and clear statement about Christ’s work of redemption that He performed when He was crucified. This tells us the price due to provide a way for our salvation was paid in full. Christ was judged for all our sins when He died for them. Forgiveness, not salvation, but forgiveness was provided for all at that point in time. When a person accepts by faith what He did for them, it is THEN that salvation is provided for that person immediately. Christ died for ALL and forgiveness of sins is provided for all, but salvation through what is called justification only comes when a person accepts what Christ did for them at the cross. This salvation comes to us then by grace through faith. No works on our part are required at all.

We then go to I Corinthians 6:19-20 that relates to our subject of redemption. There we learn that when we accept Christ for salvation, God the Holly Spirit takes up residence in our body. Yes, He indwells us and resides there forever. He then possesses us. Again, we are then His forever. Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us all these things God gives us are not earned or deserved. They are totally of God’s grace, meaning we don’t earn or deserve ANY of His blessings. Romans 4:4-5 tells us much the same but in some different words. All this is at the heart of the message God provides for us through the writings of the apostle Paul.

I then talk about the importance of sharing this information with others. We all know people who need to know these things. If you’re not active in sharing these things with other, people in your life, you sure need to be. I Timothy 1:15-16 is the next passage I go to in this study. Paul not only speaks of God’s grace but in this passage we see him speaking about God’s mercy. Altogether this speaks of Christ’s goodness in what He’s provided as a marvelous opportunity for us all. That provision is this which is provided for us as an opportunity for SALVATION. Ephesians 4:30 then speaks of how our salvation is SEALED by the Holy Spirit the moment we are saved. This sealing of the Holy Spirit is something else that makes our salvation permanent. II Thessalonians 2;16 is still another passage that emphasizes God’s grace as it has been expressed toward us.

I then conclude our study of verse thirteen with some comments about sharing this information with others. I hope you’ll not delay in doing that.

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