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#84-G30 ~ Galatians 1:17 continued

Gary Googe Nov 05

We continue our study as we note the confusion that exists today about OUR gospel, the gospel of the uncircumsion and the gospel of the circumcision, which was to Israel. Paul’s gospel was something new, something the Twelve Apostles and others knew nothing about. The Kingdom Gospel of the Twelve was rejected and God through the apostle Paul introduced something new. Israel was, therefore, set aside. God saved Saul [later known as Paul] of Tarsus [Acts 9] and used him to introduce this new gospel that is ours still today. Today people are not saved by repentance [changing their mind and accepting Jesus as their Messiah] and water baptism. Today it is all about Christ’s death, burial and resurrection as the sole basis for one’s salvation–I Corinthians 15:1-4.
We continue our study of Galatians with 1:11, doing some review and more. The point is being made that a new gospel that didn’t come from man, as with Peter and the others, was given to Paul. This gospel came directly from the resurrected and ascended Lord Jesus Christ. This is something “the church” [for the most part] of today does not understand. The resultant confusion has been huge. In the video, I continue to develop all this, showing the clear differences between Peter’s gospel and Paul’s gospel [the gospel of the circumcision vs. the gospel of the uncircumcision].
I continued with a study of a question I’ve often asked people. The question is–If you were to die today and face Jesus Christ and He asked you why He should let you come into heaven, what would you say? If you ask people this question, they will often give you no answer or a wrong answer. We then went through a list of things [but didn’t complete it] you’ll often hear in answer to this important question. I then explain how ALL these things are wrong. ONLY faith in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection provides salvation for us today [Again, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4].  We’ll continue with the list of “wrong answers” and more about all this in my next video.

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