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#188 – What is “The Truth” about the means to your salvation?

Here I go through a series of verses that explain this. These are all verses every believer needs to be familiar with. Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans ...

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Peter & Paul: Was their message the same?

This question about their message is one of the most important you’ll ever have to answer.  If you don’t see some important differences, you’ll be ...

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Circumcision: Is there anything we should know about it today? 

Most people know what this is, but in case you don’t it is the cutting away of the foreskin on the male phallus. It is ...

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#99-G45 ~ Galatians 2 Special

This video is a little interruption to our study of Galatians.  Because of all the confusion about the means to salvation, I decided to do ...

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#91-G37 ~ Galatians 2:2b

After a brief review, I get into addressing four questions. 1. Why did the apostle Paul address things the way he does in this passage ...

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#84-G30 ~ Galatians 1:17 continued

We continue our study as we note the confusion that exists today about OUR gospel, the gospel of the uncircumsion and the gospel of the ...

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Heaven: How does a person qualify?

The Bible tells us that those who trust solely in Jesus Christ and His work, namely His death to pay the sin debt for all ...

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Gospels: Did Peter and Paul preach the same gospel?

If when I began my preparation for the ministry someone had told me there was more than one “gospel” presented in the Bible, I would ...

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