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#77-G23 ~ Galatians 1:6-7

Gary Googe Sep 08

We will note these two different gospels that are discussed in this book.  There’s the gospel of the circumcision and the gospel of the uncircumcision.  These are stated side by side in the next chapter, Galatians 2:7.  But we’re anticipating that here in this passage because Paul is mentioning how the Galatians had so quickly departed from his gospel to “another” gospel.  Many translations of this passage outside the King James Version mistranslated this Galatians 2:7 passage, as they often do others.

Here in this study I show some of the contrasts between these TWO different gospels.  There are MANY differences.  In this video study, I cite many of them, clearly showing that they were two different gospels.  They are not the same at all.  What all people need to understand most is the means to salvation today.  Also, in this study, I’ll talk about how our salvation today is settled immediately at the point when we accept the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ as the sole basis for one’s salvation.  However, for the people of Israel in a former time salvation was not settled that way.  We’ll look at these and many other differences in this study.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  If you don’t enjoy it, it sure will challenge what you’ve been believing.  I hope you’ll take a look.

We also go to Galatians 4:10 in this study where we see an illustration of the differences Paul is showing them.  Then in Romans 6:14 we see a general statement about all this as it tells us we are not under the law, but under what is called a grace program.

Then I conclude with a discussion about our salvation.  I note that one’s faith has always been at the heart of the matter.  The difference is in what the faith is placed in.  Today, it’s to be placed in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection, but it has not always been that way.

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