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#79-G25 ~ Galatians 1:11-13

Gary Googe Sep 25

We continue with our study of Paul’s teaching about what he speaks of as HIS gospel.  As we’ve noted, he’s making a distinction between his message, his gospel and that of the Twelve apostles.  In verse 11 he makes it very clear that he did not get his message from any man, but from God Himself.  This came to him by direct special revelation.  No one today gets this kind of revelation.  Everything we have today comes through the written word, the Bible.  God DOES NOT speak to individuals today with some special revelation.  God speaks to us today through the Scriptures.  And that portion of the Bible that has special relevance today is found in the writings of the apostle Paul.

In numerous places, Paul speaks of HIS gospel.  In each case, he calls it “my gospel.”  Why? To distinguish it from the gospel that was then being proclaimed by Peter and the eleven.  Romans 2:16, 16;25, & II Timothy 2:8 are all passages where Paul speaks of it this way.

I then go on to talk about the importance of getting an ongoing diet of God’s words with the objective of reaching spiritual maturity.  That doesn’t happen without consistency in one’s intake of God’s word on a regular, even daily basis.

In Romans 11:13 Paul speaks of himself as THE apostle to the Gentiles.  Most people today don’t see this this way at all, but that was Paul’s role and he had every right and responsibility to emphasize the importance of his message and ministry for it was God who gave him such an important position.

We then conclude our study with a look at Galatians 1:13.  There Paul is taking about his former “conversation,” that is, his manner of life.  Paul had been sincere but wrong before he met our Lord on the Damascus road.  He had been a thoroughly “religious” Jew, but totally wrong.  Finally, Paul got turned around and became one of the greatest men in all history.

Salvation today is settled and sealed the moment a person accepts the fact that Christ died for one’s sins, was buried, and was resurrected on the third day for our justification.  How much simpler could it be for us? No work on our part is involved at all.

We then close with a brief look at Acts 19:13-14 and Romans 10:2-4.

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