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#52 ~ One Year Anniversary Message

Gary Googe Mar 26
As I enter this, it has been one year ago that I started doing the Bible Study Videos on Facebook and YouTube. As much or more than ever, people need God’s word. On this video, I present The Good News about God’s work in Christ to provide a way of salvation for us. As we’ve noted before, I Corinthians 15:1-4 sums that up. Accepting by faith Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection (and that ALONE) provides eternal salvation for anyone. Throughout this video I discuss why people need to spend time in God’s word, studying it as a student (a disciple). I also discuss our website we’re about to open up for viewing, this being another tool you’ll have to get the truth you need for salvation and spiritual growth to maturity. What an exciting journey this can be for anyone! Throughout the video I talk about why you should see the value of spending time in the STUDY of God’s word every day. As sure as we all need food every day, we need “the food” of God’s word every day. “Snacks” won’t take anyone to spiritual health and maturity! Questions: Will you take the time to do this? Will you become a true disciple of Jesus Christ? That’s an opportunity everyone has. And it involves a process you’ll never regret. So begin now. Let this video be a part of that process for you.
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