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#143-G89 ~ Galatians 3:26 continued

Gary Googe Dec 23

Here we continue our study of this marvelous book called Galatians. We are in chapter three and verse twenty-six. Here I talk about the spiritual growth process. Salvation is NOT a process, but spiritual growth certainly is. Spiritual growth is a learning process where we replace false beliefs with true beliefs. That takes some humility because it involves admitting wrong thinking. Here on this video I discuss the importance of learning to pattern our lives around God’s teaching not only for life now, but for REWARD in eternity. And, again, this learning and spiritual growth is a process. To accomplish this you’ll have to devote the time it takes for you to function as a student of God’s Word. You can do that if you’ll just make this activity a priority.

Here I continue with comments about what it takes to become a child of God. That demands no work at all on our part, but it did involved quite a work on God’s part. Here I’m talking about the work of Christ through His death, burial, and resurrection. I then go to Titus 3:5 where we have the apostle Paul, our apostle today speaking of this. Regeneration means to be born again. Regeneration is a translation from the Greek word PALINGENESIA. That is a compound noun–PALIN means again and GENESIA means to be born. GENESIA is where we get the word generation. This REgeneration is essential for salvation. It happens when someone puts their faith in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection as the SOLE basis for their salvation. We don’t earn it or deserve it. It comes to us by grace through faith alone.

I then go to the book of John. John 8:38-45 is a passage that makes it clear that all people are actually born children of Satan, not God. That situation gets changed when someone gets saved. It is then and only then that they become children of God. I then discuss what people in times past have believed for salvation. TODAY it is the cross-work of Christ, His death, burial, and resurrection [I Corinthians 15:1-4 and 2 Corinthians 5:18-21]. In our study I then go to John 1:12 and talk about how salvation in the time of the life of Christ on Earth came by believing in the NAME of this Jesus. Who was He? He was the Christ, the promised Messiah. THAT is what they then had to believe for salvation. Today these things are different. It is extremely important for people to know of this change and the message people are to believe for salvation today.

I conclude this video by talking about Ephesians 2:1 that talks about us being DEAD before we were saved. We were born alive physically, but not spiritually. That’s why we needed to be born again. This has been true from the time of Adam’s fall into sin till now. Nothing has changed on this except what God wanted man to believe to obtain it. Again, today it is the cross-work of Christ, His death, burial, and resurrection. Faith in that alone brings immediate and permanent salvation.

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