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Spiritual Blessings

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#213-EP13 ~ How wonderfully blessed we are as believers!

We’ve noted 5 blessings that are ours and on this video we’ll continue with #6. We begin with a review of the first five. #1-We ...

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#212-EP12 – As God’s people we have these wonderful blessings and more.

Here I continue with the long list of spiritual blessings that belong to every believer. Again, forgiveness of sins was provided at the cross. At ...

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#211-EP11 ~ We finally begin the long list of Blessings God has made available to all.

Question: What are some of these spiritual blessings? We’re going to see some of these in these opening verses. In my last video we noted ...

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#210-EP10 ~ The MANY blessings we as believers already have

I here introduce a long list of blessings every believer needs to know about. But how can you “count your many blessings” if you don’t ...

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Adoption: What are we to believe about ours as believers? 

Adopting someone into a family was different in the apostle Paul’s day than it is in ours.  You can get a little glimpse of that ...

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#209-EP9 ~ As a believer in Christ, do you realize how blessed you are?

As we move on into this marvelous book called Ephesians, we’re going to be studying many of the rich blessings we all have in Christ. ...

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Blessing:  Does God promise material blessing for godly living 

People reap what they sow in their decisions.  The Bible clearly tells us that.  Galatians 6:7  7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever ...

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Blessings:  What are now ours in Christ?

All too often people only think of the material temporal things when they think of God’s blessings.  But the spiritual blessings we gain the moment ...

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