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Forgiveness:  Aren’t we supposed to provide it for others?

Who has wronged you and perhaps even made it difficult for you to forgive them? What did they do that has made this so stressful? ...

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Sins:  What did Jesus Christ accomplish at the cross?

People speak of Him dying there for the sins of the world.  Did He do that? Even though the answer to that is in plain ...

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#124-G70 ~ Important questions to address

Here we’re spending more time on the important subject of justification by faith. Unfortunately most people, even church-goers, do not understand it. Instead of accepting ...

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Guilt:  How are we to deal with it?

Whether they admit it or not there are people all over the world who experience guilt over their sins.  The conscience, no matter how distorted ...

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#123-G69 ~ Galatians 3:8-9

Have you ever considered what Jesus Christ did for you? He laid His own life down so you’d have an opportunity for salvation. That salvation ...

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Forgiveness:  How complete is it?

I’ll answer this question right up front.  Completely!!! It couldn’t be any more complete than it is.  When Jesus Christ was judged for your sins ...

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Jesus Christ:  Why is His crucifixion good news?

When the trials of Jesus were being conducted, the apostles and many others were horrified by it all.  What the Romans were doing was highly ...

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Forgiveness:  What about it in the time of the Tribulation?

We’ve seen in other studies on our website that God is not imputing sins to people in this present age of grace.  [4Us2UsMinistries.com — Forgiveness:  ...

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#113-G59 ~ Galatians 3:3

I begin with an old statement I heard many years ago–Anything an unbeliever can do is not a part of the Christians way of life. ...

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Forgiveness:  What is the “gotcha” passage?

There are many people who believe that even though Jesus Christ paid the full penalty for the sins of the entire world, forgiveness of personal ...

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