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#97-G43 ~ Galatians 2:7

Gary Googe Jan 28

I begin by discussing a basic principle many people don’t know. That principle is that ALL Scripture it FOR us, but it is not all TO us. If you’re ever going to have a thorough understanding of the Bible, that’s a principle you must come to understand.
We today are a part of what is called the Dispensation of the Grace of God. This period is defined in the writings of the apostle Paul. I discuss salvation here and how that comes today through faith in Christ’s, death, burial, and resurrection, totally apart from human or “religious” works of any kind. Salvation is totally by the grace of God.
In our study we’ve been looking at the difference between Peter and Paul’s ministry and message. The means to salvation today and the Christian life has been provided for us through the writings of Paul, not Peter or anyone else.
I then speak of our role here as believers. We’re to all serve well as representatives of Christ. We’re to be His mouthpiece representing Him. But the only way we can learn to do that well is to focus on the apostle Paul’s writings. We’re answering the question: Did Peter and Paul preach the same gospel. Answer: They did not! You’ll find this defined in an article on our website entitled: Gospels: Did Peter and Paul preach the same gospel? In Galatians 2:7 we have these two gospels mentioned. There’s only one of these that’s for us today, that being the gospel of the uncircumcision that was given to the apostle Paul. It is that gospel that presents the death, burial, and the resurrection as the object of one’s faith for salvation in our time. I here explain this and more.
In II Peter 3 we have Peter’s last words on record. Here Peter directs people to Paul and his writings for a full understanding of the things of our time. After this we don’t find anything more from Peter. It was Paul’s message that totally overshadowed Peter’s. I develop that further here in this video. I hope you find it all quite helpful.

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