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#90-G36 ~ Galatians 2:1-2a

Gary Googe Dec 11

We begin a new and exciting chapter.  Here Paul continues right on with his comments about this new gospel he’s been commissioned to proclaim, the gospel of the grace of God.  He doesn’t call it that in this passage, but that is what he’s talking about.  Here he calls it in verse seven the gospel of the uncircumcision.  It is the gospel he was given to proclaim to the Gentiles.

In this study we get into a little about Paul’s conversion and how God didn’t send him to Jerusalem to be with the Twelve apostles, but to Arabia.  There he gets orientation about this whole new message he’s commissioned to proclaim.

In this first verse, he talks about how fourteen years after his conversion, he goes to Jerusalem to inform the twelve apostles of things pertaining to his message.  It is very important to realize that Paul’s message came directly from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself because it was NEW.  It did not include the Law and much more.  Even what one believed for salvation would be different.  Instead of repent and be baptized, the message would be to simply believe on Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection and nothing more.

Then he comments about Barnabas and Titus, two great believers and companions of Paul in that day.

Again, his comment about how he “communicated unto them THAT gospel which I preach” he’s telling them and us that his ministry and message was something new and different from what had gone before.

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