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#89-G35 ~ Galatians 1:17-24

Gary Googe Dec 04

Here we do a little review and then conclude the chapter.  I begin with comments about what people must believe (not DO) to be saved.  I Corinthians 15:1-4 sums that up very well.  Personal works don’t count for anything in salvation.  AFTER we’ve secured our salvation by faith in Christ alone, our works surely DO count, even for rewards in eternity.  But NOT for entrance into this which is called salvation.

Here we do some review and walk through the final words of this first chapter of Galatians.  I speak again about the uniqueness of the revelation our Lord gave to the apostle Paul for us in our time.  I go to II Peter 3:15 and following to point out Peter’s last words where he directs us to the writings of the apostle Paul {Romans to Philemon] for our understanding of what God is doing in our time, this present Dispensation of The Grace of God.  Even then in Peter’s writing he anticipates the distortions of Paul’s message that were sure to come.

I then explain that it has always been the “religious” crowd that distorts God’s truth, leading people to believe the wrong things.  I mention Matthew 23 where it shows how this was during our Lord’s earthly ministry.  At that time it was the Scribes and the Pharisees.  Today, similar thinking is found in so much of our local church leadership and membership.

I then discuss people and their lack of interest in spiritual things.  In every generation that’s a big problem.  People tend to be very interested in the temporal and material things, but not the spiritual.

I conclude this message by discussing how it is we are to glorify God.  I refer to I Corinthians 6:19-20 where we’re told to glorify God in our body.  I explain how this is all to do with being a reflection of Christ in our thinking and in our manner of life.  People need to see Christ in us.  But only by our faithful study and application of God’s word can that happen.

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