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#25 ~ Causes for doubt about one’s salvation

Gary Googe Sep 14

Every believer needs to feel secure in their salvation. But what is the basis for that? Answer: Christ was judged for all of our sins. And. because we have received His righteousness by faith, God’s righteousness has been credited to us. It is then His righteousness and not ours that becomes the basis for our salvation. II Corinthians 5:18​-21 presents a clear statement about this. Because our sins were held against Christ, they can never be held against us. When a person accepts that work of His by faith, His righteousness then becomes ours by faith. We are then pronounced justified. I Timothy 2:6, I John 2:1-2 says this work of Christ on the cross was done for all mankind, not just those who believe it. What then is the basis for the unbeliever’s condemnation before God? Revelation 20:11​-15 helps us understand this. The basis for the unbeliever’s condemnation will be to do with the fact that HIS righteousness is not good enough, it’s not perfect. Only by faith can he receive Christ’s perfect righteousness (or goodness). It is then His righteousness identified with us that becomes the basis for our acceptance to God for salvation. Some “problem” passages we’ll look at on this include Galatians 5:19​-21, Ephesians 5:3-5, and I Corinthians 6:9-11. All these passages remind us that there’s no sin that a believer is not capable of committing. But all these sins were judged in Christ on the cross. ALL of them!!!

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