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#24 ~ Ephesians 2:4-9 – God’s grace, not our works provide for our secure salvation

Gary Googe Sep 14

Salvation occurs for anyone by believing in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ as a basis for that. When someone is saved they gain a whole long list of blessings. These blessings are not “felt” but they are all real. Our salvation becomes completely secure, not at all dependent upon our own works of righteousness. In this video, I discuss reasons people sometimes begin to doubt their salvation. A major part of the problem is in failing to understand that salvation is provided strictly because of God’s grace, not our works. Ephesians 2:4 and what follows tells us a lot about this and more. The process of learning these things is grace orientation. Let the content of this video be something that’ll help you understand that and cause you to feel secure because of it. Romans 3:24​, Romans 11:6, Galatians 5:3-4, I Corinthians 15:1-4, John 19:29​-30, II Corinthians 5:17​-21, I Peter 1:7-9, I John 2:2, Hebrews 1:3, and II Peter 2:1 are all passages I discuss on this video that tell us the good news about what Christ has done about our sin problem. Romans 5:18​-19, Romans 8:1 and other passages tell us of God’s provision of justification that gives God’s righteousness. This means we no longer stand condemned of our sins because Christ was judged for them all. By gaining God’s righteousness we are once and for all accepted of God. What fabulous news that is for us all!

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