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#150-G96 ~ Galatians 4:5 continued

Gary Googe Feb 10

We begin with some comments about God’s redemptive work through Jesus Christ. This happened at the cross where He bore the sins of the entire world of mankind, not just for some. This was done so that there would be the possibility of salvation for all, even though most people don’t take advantage of that opportunity. What people decide to do or not do with that redemptive work determines where they’ll spend all eternity–either Heaven or Hell. The concept of getting SAVED is to do with being delivered from ever going to Hell and finally the Lake of Fire. The way to Heaven is absolutely FREE through faith in Christ. I then explain why it is that our salvation is perfectly secure forever.

We then go to Titus 3:5 and the concept of regeneration and what it means. I there discuss the blessing of becoming a part of the family of God and how that happens. PALINGENESIA is the Greek word translated regeneration but means literally–born-again. John 8:44 says we’re all children of Satan until this new birth occurs. The doctrine of adoption [Romans 8:15] is also a part of this blessing we have through Jesus Christ. Altogether this means we’re the beneficiaries of great blessings, blessings that make us a privileged people. I point out that there are two phases of our adoption and explain what they both are. Romans 8:23 introduces another passage that explains all this. Here we note that the final phase of this adoption is our resurrection and occupation in a new and perfect body. The body we’ll have will possess all the wonderful features of the resurrection body of Jesus Christ. The article we have on our website about this is called– Resurrection: What will your resurrection body be like? I then relate John 5:28-29 to all this. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 tells us what someone must BELIEVE to end up in Heaven enjoying a new body forever. Then I close with Philippians 3:20-21 where we are given more information about this resurrection body we’ll get to enjoy forever.

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