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#136-G82 ~ Galatians 3:17-20

Gary Googe Nov 04

I begin with some statements about the Mosaic Law with a few comments about what we last studied in verse seventeen. The one basic and most important principle being that no one has ever gained salvation and eternal life by trying to keep the Mosaic Law. I point out that it consists of far more than the 10 Commandments that are often mentioned. Instead, there are some 613 laws in that document. Man is totally incapable of observing them all.

I then move on in to verse eighteen. I there discuss the promise God made to Abraham that is typically called the Abrahamic Covenant. I point out that even then salvation was based on faith. No one has ever earned their salvation by anything they’ve done. There is no work in faith. Faith excludes works. The work is in the object of faith. Today, that’s the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. But people in every generation are prone to put their faith in other things for salvation. They may talk about the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, but they add things to that, nullifying their faith. It is faith and faith in Christ ALONE that secures salvation.

In verse nineteen we discuss this that was ordained of angels. It is divine provision. Deuteronomy 33:2. Here I discuss the Mediator, Jesus Christ. It is through this Mediator, Jesus Christ that we’re able to gain salvation today. 1 Timothy 2:5 talks about this. John 14:6 is still another passage that talks about it. We have one Mediator. Only through Him is salvation gained. The Mosaic Law only served to show man his need for a Mediator, a Savior.

Another passage I address is 1 Timothy 1:9-11. There we find that the Law itself is good, even though man abuses it. Rightfully used the Mosaic Law shows us our need for a savior. That Savior is Jesus Christ. The Law was never given as a MEANS to Salvation, only to help us know the righteousness of God and for us to see our need for a Savior.

Roman 9:31-32 is our next passage. It emphasizes faith as the key to salvation. THAT has always been the case! I then discuss Mary, the mother of Jesus and how it was that she was able to give birth to a sinless Christ who could become our Savior. I then discuss forgiveness and justification. They are not the same. One was provided AT the cross of Christ and the other is provided when someone accepts God’s work at the cross. Faith always has to be applied for salvation to occur. There’s no faith involved in our forgiveness, but there certainly is for our justification and salvation. There’s not one verse anywhere in the writings of the apostle Paul that says forgiveness of ours sins comes by faith, not one.

I then go to Genesis where I discuss the trinity. God is one in essence, but three in personality. We have God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Again, we have one God in essence, but three in personality. I then refer to the content of my article about the Trinity on our website. The article is entitled, Trinity: Is God three in one? I then begin my conclusion to the video with some comments about this trinity, but you can go to our website article and get many more details about it.

I then conclude about the need there is for us all to be presenting the gospel message. Are YOU doing that?

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