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#123-G69 ~ Galatians 3:8-9

Gary Googe Aug 05

Have you ever considered what Jesus Christ did for you? He laid His own life down so you’d have an opportunity for salvation. That salvation means you’ll get to spend eternity in a wonderful place called Heaven. In this video I again point out that the salvation available to people is free. You gain it by believing what God has said about Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. This was all done for each of us as an expression of His love.

Our passage here is first to do with this man Abraham’s faith. He, too, because he believed God’s promise, came into great blessing. Like Abraham we get to come into God’s blessing by grace through faith. No works are involved at all.

Here we’re also studying the subject of justification by faith. We continue with that study in this video. Here we do some analysis of Romans 4:20-25. We note that just as God honored Abraham’s faith, He honors ours. Again, He does not honor our works, none of them! Christ paid the penalty for the sins of the whole world so salvation would be available to all.

I then go into some comments about the great difference between forgiveness and justification. We’ll even be looking at that subject in our next video. As we’ve noted before, forgiveness and justification are not the same. Forgiveness does not provide anyone with salvation. It is only what is called justification that provides salvation. We then go again to a look at II Corinthians 5:18-21. It is there that we find a clear statement about all this. There we see how all our sins were charged to Christ, not us or anyone else. It is when people accept the fact that Christ did this for them that salvation comes to them. This is a message we need to know, believe, and even communicate to others. It is the message the whole world needs to know. It is this message that is the good news we have to offer people. As ambassadors, that is, as personal representatives of Christ this is our message. Don’t you think there are people you know who would like to know Christ provided for the forgiveness of their sins by paying the price for them? And yes, this means the sins of the entire world have been judged in Christ. That means forgiveness has been provided for them. They just need to believe it so they can then be justified to be saved. If you’ve not done that, wouldn’t this be a perfect time for you to get that done? Just put your faith in Christ alone and salvation becomes yours immediately.

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