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#102-G48 ~ Galatians 2:9 & Philippians 1:9-10

Gary Googe Mar 05

I decided not to continue with my list of differences between Israel’s program and ours today. That whole list is on our website for your review and study. You’ll also find more on that in my book called- 22 Key Promises you can count on. It is available through our website–4Us2UsMinistries.com

On this video we begin by looking at Philippians 1:9-10 and particularly verse ten where this principle of how there are things that DIFFER comes up. The old English in the King James Version says “things that are excellent.” While they ARE excellent, that’s not really what’s under discussion. The Greek text from which this word “excellent” comes from is DIAPHERO which means DIFFER. Our program and the program Simon Peter and the apostles headed up are not the same. They differ! It is THAT that Paul is speaking of in this passage. I then mention some illustrations of regarding that principle.

I then point out that EVERY Bible translation has it’s own set of problems. Certainly some translations are better than others. But only the original Greek and Hebrew text merits our complete trust in terms of accuracy. I then QUOTE the very words of the King James Version translators. I point out that even they questioned things about their translation. There’s no doubt that they did the best they could, but these men realized that there was no way what they were doing could be completely accurate. Their translation doesn’t have what the original text has. Only the original was given “by the inspiration of God.” There’s not even one of the many translations that has that authority. That’s why the KJV translators themselves said “a variety of translations was profitable.”

I then went on to talk about our next verse–Galatians 2:9. We see there that the apostles, after quite a bit of discussion, accepted Paul’s apostleship and his message of the uncircumcision. This means they realized that, through Paul, God was introducing something entirely new. Amazing as it is, here we are some two thousand years later and people still don’t see this and understand it. What we have today in Denominationalism is an ongoing witness to that.

I concluded the video with some important comments about II Timothy 2:15 and the concept of studying to rightly divide the Scriptures. Do YOU do that? If you don’t, it surely is time to learn all about it. Otherwise you’ll never fully understand the Bible as you could.

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