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#100-G46 ~ Galatians 2 – Series Continued

Gary Googe Feb 19

I begin with a brief explanation of God’s way for our salvation. I discuss the cross and resurrection of Christ and how eternal salvation comes through faith in what God there provided [I Corinthians 15:1-4]. I here point out that our salvation is completely settled the moment we accept the provision through Christ that God has made for us. Salvation for us is not only secured by faith in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection, but is sealed at that moment forever. That means there’s no chance at all that we’ll ever lose it.

I then point out that salvation for the people of Israel was provided in a different way than it is for us. What’s important FOR US to know is what God expects of us for obtaining it. But here we look at Matthew 10:22 and some other passages. I point out that this “enduring to the end” discussed here was to do with the people of Israel’s continued faith so as to ultimately gain salvation. They had to continue in faith to the end of their lives to secure their salvation. We then looked at Matthew 24:3 and following where there’s more on this concept of continuing in faith to the end of one’s life for salvation. Again, this doesn’t apply to us, but it certainly did for Israel. We have our salvation secured when we first believe in Christ. In our case, we don’t just believe Jesus was the Christ, but that He died for our sins and was raised for our justification.

I then talk about the difference between our heavenly future in contrast to Israel’s that’ll be on a restored Earth. It’ll be a wonderful kingdom on Earth for them, not in Heaven. But OUR future IS in Heaven. That becomes a person’s new eternal home the moment they are saved today.

Still another passage that speaks of the concept of enduring in faith to the end is found in I Peter 1:7-9. There we find a discussion about “the end” of their faith. I Peter 1:13 also speaks of faith “to the end.” Again, this principle is related to Israel, but not to us today.
Then I go to John 8:30-31 and see what the apostle John said about this. There Christ is talking about “continuing” IN HIS WORD to the end for salvation.

How simple we have it today!!! OUR salvation is simple for us and is immediately granted to us when we accept the gospel of Christ as presented in I Corinthians 15:1-4.

I then point out again the importance of sorting these things out. This is called rightly dividing the word of God. Apart from learning to do that, you are subject to a lot of confusion in understanding what’s directed to us in Scripture.

I then go to Hebrews 11 where there’s sort of a “hall of fame” of believers. In this passage it speaks of these people dying “in faith.” What does that mean? It means they continued in faith to the end, just as we’ve been seeing that concept in these other passages.

Then I go to Philippians 1:9 where it speaks of “things that are excellent” in the KJV of the Bible. However, I here go on to explain the correct meaning of this passage as it relates to us today. It is on this subject that I concluded this video. I hope you’ll go there to see the true meaning of this word “excellent” in that Philippians passage. It will definitely be worth your time.

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