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#151–G97 ~ Galatians 4:5-6

One of my main objectives in doing these videos is to answer questions about the Bible that are being asked. Hopefully I’m achieving that. I ...

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Resurrection & Resuscitation:  What is the difference?

The answer to this should be simple to see, but because people have raised questions about it and because we have some examples of both ...

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Resurrection:  Is there PROOF that Jesus Christ arose?

This is one question that every generation asks? Therefore, it surely is a popular question.  But what is the answer? What is the truth of ...

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Healing:  Can we expect God to heal today?

At the time I’m writing this we’re still dealing with the Covid virus all around the world.  Many are sick with it, and some have ...

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Resurrection:  What will your resurrection body be like?

If not sooner, the older you get the more you are going to look forward to a new and perfect body.  Everyone eventually gets a ...

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Resurrection: Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead?

If there is no resurrection, then this Jesus of Nazareth was an imposter. If He, the apostles, and others lied about this, how can they ...

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