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Christmas: Why is Jesus said to be of Nazareth but born in Bethlehem? 

The answer to this can be found by examining His childhood days as recorded in Scripture.  The King James Bible text mentions in twenty places ...

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Jesus:  Who is this man of Nazareth?

This is surely a question everyone should ask and work to secure a correct answer.  In the time of His earthly life, many people couldn’t ...

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Jesus:  Did those who killed Him know who He was?

The quick and short answer to this is that they could have and should have but they did not.  They saw Him only as an ...

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#66-G12 Galatians 1:1 continued

Here we continue with our look at the three categories of apostles found in the apostle Paul’s writings. 1. The Twelve Apostles – Matthew 10:1-5 ...

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#11 ~ The Crucifixion of Christ ~ The worst of all cases of injustice.

The trials and crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the worst of all cases of injustice. All the trials he went through were in violation of ...

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#2 ~ Why was Jesus Christ crucified?

This was without a doubt the most important event of all history.  This, of course, includes not only the death of Christ on the cross, ...

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Resurrection: Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead?

If there is no resurrection, then this Jesus of Nazareth was an imposter. If He, the apostles, and others lied about this, how can they ...

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