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Dispensation of Grace

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Grace: Is our message new? 

I know this may be hard to believe, but we have people today who try to tell us our message and our theology is new ...

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Dispensational Theology:  What should everyone know about it? 

One of the best books in my library is A Dispensational Theology by Charles F. Baker.  I first discovered it in 1981 and have cherished ...

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Dispensation:  How is this defined in the Bible?

The Greek word from which this English word comes in the Bible is OIKONOMIA.  That is what is called a compound noun, meaning that it ...

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Dispensation:  What does this term mean?

We find this word used several times in the writings of the apostle Paul.  In each of those cases it is translated from the Greek ...

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#101-G47 ~ Galatians 2 continued

We continue here with some sideline issues related to our Galatians 2 passage.  The subject we begin with is to do with the DIFFERENCES that ...

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#99-G45 ~ Galatians 2 Special

This video is a little interruption to our study of Galatians.  Because of all the confusion about the means to salvation, I decided to do ...

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Bible:  What is the Dispensation of Grace?

To dispense means to hand out, to pass out, or to distribute.  In this case we’re talking about something God dispensed.  In the Bible, it ...

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