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#44 ~ Acts 3 Introduction

Gary Googe Jan 23

If you think of yourself as a Christian, how well have you represented Christ this week? Or have you been totally occupied with the temporal things of life? Unfortunately that’s where most people are in their thinking. I encourage you to be an exception to that. People desperately need the salvation God offers freely, but they must come to know and believe what is called the gospel of Christ. Be the mouthpiece that delivers that message to many! This video precedes a study of how our gospel today is not what was being presented in the time frame of the first part of the book of Acts. Their gospel was the Gospel of the Kingdom. Our gospel today is the Gospel of the Grace of God (or the Gospel of Christ. These are not the same. But people commonly blend them into one. That produces a lot of confusion that has led to us having today so much division and so many church denominations. When you sort this out it’s is called rightly dividing the word of truth as per 2 Timothy 2:15​.

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