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#170-G115 ~ Galatians 5:8-11

Gary Googe Jul 07

These verses serve to point out that there are all kinds of teachings that can infiltrate a group to cause them to think that religious works or others are an acceptable substitute for salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. When this was written, it was all about circumcision. Religious Jews were trying to impose this religious rite onto Paul’s Gentile converts. In reality the whole book of Galatians serves to refute that kind of thinking, not just these verses here.

In verse nine, Paul speak of leaven as an illustration of how religious thinking can spread like a wildfire. Such can be deadly to a group’s spiritual growth. Then in verse ten Paul speaks of his confidence about these people to accept his teach and to move away from the false teaching they’d come to believe.

Then in verse eleven Paul shows how ridiculous it would be to think that HE taught what these false teachers were communicating. As always, his emphasis was on the work of Christ, not the works of men.

I then close out the study with comments about Colossians 1:22-24 and Acts 15:1 and their practical application.

As always, I hope you find the video helpful.

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