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#160-G106 ~ Galatians 4:13-17

Gary Googe Apr 28

My first comments on this video are about the meaning of the title of this ministry – 4Us2UMinistries.com We have a rare but extremely important ministry with this subject. Thank you for being a part of it!

We then continue with our study of Galatians 4. My opening comments are about the importance of studying the Bible. Most people don’t understand that. If they really did, they’d spend a lot more time studying it.

I then begin some review with verse thirteen and what follows to bring us up to where we are now. Romans 3:23 is the first passage I go to for developing this. Then we’ll look at Romans 5:8. All this means that salvation is available to ALL. The main point I’m making is that salvation is free. A lot of churchgoers do not understand that. There’s no work at all involved in gaining it. It comes by grace through faith alone–Ephesians 2:8-9.

We then go to Galatians 4:15, our next verse to study in this passage. Paul is saying that the same people who thought the world of him before, do so no longer. False teachers had come in and completely misrepresented him and his message. These people in Galatia were believing what they were saying. In verse 16 he asks them if he has now become their enemy. Such thinking goes on today when people oppose those who are presenting the truth. But all people need to be paying special attention to the words of this man Paul. Growing up spiritually through his teaching should be a priority to every believer.

I conclude with a look at several related passages. I Corinthians 4:16, I Corinthians 11:1, and Philippians 3:17-19. All these passages point to the importance of Paul’s ministry and message TO us. My final remarks are about Galatians 4:17.

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