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#134-G80 ~ Galatians 3:15 continued

Gary Googe Oct 27

What wonderful blessings believers have to look forward to enjoying forever! However, FAITHFUL believers have even more to look forward to enjoying forever because of the special rewards that will be provided for them. Where would you stand in all this? Better think about it!!! Your time to prepare is now. None of us have the guarantee of even one more day here, so we must make the best of each and every day.

The main objective in life is to accept Jesus Christ as one’s Savior so as to be prepared for eternity. Secondly, it is to grow up spiritually through one’s intake of God’s word on a daily basis. It is then that we’re able to look at life with some divine perspective. What a wonderful blessing that is!

In this study we’re looking at a covenant God made with Abram (later called Abraham) that affected a lot of people. Here Paul uses earthly contracts to compare them to the one God made with Abram. Here we see that, in God’s promises, they’re always kept perfectly.

We then go into a study of 2 Thessalonians 2:16 and things related. Here I talk about the process of growing spiritually and what it does for anyone. But the big hindrance to this growth is one’s own attitude, not thinking it is all that important. However, it is through one’s intake of God’s word that God “speaks” to us today, not through an audible voice [as He did with Abram] or in any other matter. If you want God’s word on something, get into the Bible. It is there and there alone that you’ll find God’s directives TO you. But as I say so often, while all Scripture is FOR us it is not all TO us or ABOUT us. Only by understanding that principle and sorting things out accordingly can one obtain God’s leadership in one’s life.

We then go to Genesis 12:1 and what follows where we see God speaking to Abram about what he is going to provide for him. Here God makes a promise to him. I then discuss the meaning of all this. But then we go to a scene in Genesis 15:1 that occurs some twenty-five years later. Here the promise is confirmed but still unfulfilled. My emphasis here is on God’s grace that provided this blessing for Abram. It is the same for us today. Only by grace do we gain God’s favor. Here in this passage Abram is complaining about how God’s promise has still not been fulfilled. Here we must understand that we’re not to ever get ahead of God’s timing. What He promises He always fulfills, even if the promise isn’t fulfilled when or as we expected.

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