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#110-G56 ~ Galatians 2:16E-18

Gary Googe May 06

Romans 3:19-20 is where we resume in this study, all being related to what Paul is saying in Galatians 2:16. We find here that salvation couldn’t be simpler FOR US. What Christ accomplished through His death, burial, and resurrection has made it simple FOR US.

We here go to Romans 7:14 and what follows in that chapter where we see clearly our need for a Savior. This passage shows us the inner battle that goes on in the life of every believer. We all have a new God-given nature, but we still have the old one. The battle between the two is described here in the remaining portion of this chapter. Only because of Christ and our relationship with Him do we have victory over our sinful nature. But the battle between the two is daily. In the end we win the war, ending up in Heaven. But between now and then we will always be in a battle. In those instances when we fail there’s great frustration. But in the end we will win because of our relationship with Christ. Until the day we die or the Rapture takes place this will be an ongoing battle in the life of every believer. Just know that what’s stated here is common for every believer. No exceptions! EVERY believer sins! But our relationship with God isn’t based on OUR righteousness. It is based totally upon the righteousness of Christ that was credited to us the moment we were saved–II Corinthians 5:21. This passage spells it all out for us.

I then talk about the security of our salvation. We can’t lose it, get it again, then lose it again. Salvation happens ONCE. Like birth, it happens one time and it is permanent. We at salvation become children of God. But like all children, we don’t do everything right. Every child goes through times of disobedience. We do too! We fail! We lose many battles, but we don’t lose THE WAR. Our salvation remains secure.

We then go to Galatians 2:17 where I point out more on how all believers sin, even mature ones like the apostle Paul. Even this great man sinned. You’ll never know a believer who doesn’t.

I then go to verse 18. The apostle Paul then amplifies on this more. We can’t replace God’s righteousness with our own. I point out that the truly worst people in the world today are those who attempt to do that. Man’s righteousness is imperfect and, therefore, totally unacceptable to God.

In I Timothy 1:14-16 we have Paul giving us some insight on his own sinfulness. As a “religious” man when he was an unbeliever he was a terrible sinner. He was “religious” but a sinner and unregenerate.

Then I conclude with some comments about verse nineteen, pointing out that “the law” has no control over us today. I’ll continue with all this on the next video. Here I make some concluding comments about current events in our time.

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