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#111-G57 ~ Galatians 2:19

In this session we note again that the Mosaic Law could not then or now provide anyone with salvation.  That Law simply always serves to ...

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#109-G55 ~ Galatians 2:16d

The heart of this book of Galatians is to do with the principle of grace.  Salvation is free! It comes to us by grace through ...

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#107-G53 ~ Galatians 2:12-15

We begin with a look at the self-righteous people who came into the picture here to “correct” the teachings of the apostle Paul. As we’ve ...

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#103-G49 ~ Galatians 2 study continued

I begin with some review on the gospel given to us and the principle given in II Timothy 2:15 that speaks of the importance of ...

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#99-G45 ~ Galatians 2 Special

This video is a little interruption to our study of Galatians.  Because of all the confusion about the means to salvation, I decided to do ...

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Heaven:  How good must you be to get there?

In nearly every church or religious group you can name, doing good for acceptance by God is a part of what is taught.  If you ...

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85-G31 ~ Galatians 1:17 continued

How do works play into one’s salvation? We’ve been looking at a list of things people do to gain their salvation. We’re addressing the question ...

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Life: What’s it all about?

Over fifty years ago I wrote a “gospel tract” to help people understand what was most important in life.  This was simply a little pamphlet ...

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#72-G18 ~ Galatians 1:2-3a

We go back for a brief review of Acts 2:38 and discuss the concept of repentance and baptism, both of which were required at that ...

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Salvation:  Does it have to be earned by good works?

Nearly everyone, even every church goer you will ever meet, thinks personal works of some kind have something to do with the attainment of salvation ...

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