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Happiness:  What does the Bible say about it?   

If you look for this word in a King James Version of the Bible, you won’t find it.  It isn’t there anywhere.  There are some ...

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Suffering:  Should we expect it because we are believers?

In every generation there are all kinds of believers, and they all go through some form of suffering for one reason or another.  But some ...

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Jesus Christ:  Are you ashamed to be identified with Him?

It is a sad thing to see people fail to take a stand for the teachings of God’s Word.  I’m afraid we have far too ...

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#114-G60 ~ Galatians 3:4

Salvation demands that faith be applied to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for it to occur.  Man’s works don’t contribute to it ...

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Healing:  Can we expect God to heal today?

At the time I’m writing this we’re still dealing with the Covid virus all around the world.  Many are sick with it, and some have ...

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Suffering: Will we as Christians somehow escape it?

Many Christians falsely assume that God will somehow protect them from intense suffering.  Such is by no means necessarily the case.  What God does promise ...

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