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Second Coming

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Jesus Christ: Will He return in this generation? 

We have several passages of Scripture we need to note in answering this question.  In every generation there are people who wonder about this.  Even ...

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Jesus Christ:  Is His return soon? 

Our Lord made sure His disciples knew that His departure from the Earth was only temporary.  They were assured He’d be coming back.  Even angels ...

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Rapture:  How is this different from the Second Coming?

The word Rapture is nowhere found in the Bible, but the event this term is used to represent certainly is.  It is called this because ...

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Antichrist:  Is he alive today?

Some who read this may initially know nothing about this person called the antichrist.  If that’s the case with you, the Bible tells us of ...

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Second Coming: Must the world first be evangelized?

What did Jesus tell His disciples about this in His earthly ministry? Didn’t He say the gospel He was preaching would first be preached throughout ...

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