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Truth:  What is our greatest challenge in teaching it?

Working behind the scenes wherever the truth is taught, there is Satan doing all he can to keep people from knowing it and believing it. ...

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Satan: What does he look like?

In every generation there are those who put on plays depicting characters of the Bible. Satan is one such character who is portrayed. Beginning long ...

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Satan:  Why does God allow him to exist?

If God is good and omnipotent, why does He allow such a creature as Satan to exist? This is a question people sometimes wonder about.  ...

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Satan:  What is his origin, name and/or titles?

People sometimes wonder why God would create someone like Satan.  What they fail to realize is that he’s not always been the evil creature he ...

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#78-G24 ~ Galatians 1:8-10

How does a person get to heaven? That’s certainly a controversial subject.  Here, again, we’ll spend time addressing all this to provide a clear and ...

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Apostle: How is this word used in the Bible?

This is a word that has been transliterated from the Greek word APOSTOLOS.  It means delegate, messenger, one who is sent with authority.  For instance, ...

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Satan: What are the basics about him?

Some introductory principles: As shocking as this may be to some, unlike what is typically thought of him, Satan is one who wants good things ...

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