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Spiritual Gifts:  Do they exist today?

This is one of many controversial subjects of the Bible.  In fact, this subject is so controversial that it has caused a tremendous amount of ...

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Bible:  What were the Jewish Festivals about?

There were seven special events the Jewish people were to faithfully observe.  They are all listed in Leviticus 23 of the Bible.  Even though we ...

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Church:  Did ours today begin at the time of Acts 2?

The word for church in the Bible comes from the Greek word, EKKLESIA.  It simply means assembly.  This can be confusing when you realize that ...

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Tongues: Do people “speak in tongues” today?

I still remember my dad and one of my uncles discussing this subject nearly sixty years ago.  All my lifetime I have not been able ...

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Church: Did the Church of today begin on the Day of Pentecost in 30 AD?

This is a very controversial subject among many people, especially pastors. You may wonder what importance it could possibly have. But believe it or not, ...

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