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Lord’s Prayer

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Jesus Christ:  Why is His crucifixion good news?

When the trials of Jesus were being conducted, the apostles and many others were horrified by it all.  What the Romans were doing was highly ...

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Church:  Are we to sell our belongings and give away the proceeds?

What are we to think of the command Jesus gave the “rich young ruler” to sell his possessions and distribute the money he received to ...

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Prayers:  To whom should we address them?

We’re clearly told that as believers we’re to make a habit of praying.  We have a simple but important command on that. I Thessalonians 5:17 ...

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Prayer:  How should we pray?

What a very important question! It is not surprising that we find that the disciples of Christ asked this same question. Luke 11:1 1 And ...

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Prayer: Is “The Lord’s Prayer” a model prayer for us today?

As God’s people we have been given access to Him through prayer. Ephesians 2:18 18 For through him [Jesus Christ] we both have access by one ...

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