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Death:  Have they gone on to a better place? 

It seems this is something you’ll often hear from family and friends around the casket of a loved one and/or at a memorial service/funeral.  Is ...

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Hell:  Are there people there for whom Christ died?

The Bible clearly tells us that what Jesus Christ did on the cross of Calvary was done for all mankind.  No exceptions! 1 Timothy 2:3-6 ...

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Hell:  How can a loving God send people there? 

I can still remember being asked this question over fifty years ago.  And even though I’ve spent a lifetime studying the Bible, my beliefs about ...

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Hell:  Are there degrees of punishment?

Will there be suffering after death in literal fire for unbelievers? That’s a question that is asked, but there’s another one that is also asked.  ...

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Death:  Is “soul sleep” Biblical?

What happens to a person when they die? What a variety of opinions there are about this! One of the beliefs that seems to have ...

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Purgatory:  Does it exist?

My first thought on this is that a lot of people certainly hope such a place as Purgatory exists.  But what’s the truth about this?  ...

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Hell:  Did Jesus Christ go there?

Please note what this passage says.  You may have never seen it before or understood it, but what is it telling us? Acts 2:31 31 He ...

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Heaven and Hell:  Are they both FOREVER?

In giving the gospel of salvation to someone, it is common to explain that salvation provides eternal life.  That life is without end.  It extends ...

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Hell: Will the suffering last forever?

There are people, even highly educated people, who don’t believe the suffering will last forever. There are others who don’t believe it will happen at ...

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Heaven & Hell: Do these places exist?

It has been said that there is much more about Hell than Heaven in the Bible. Unfortunately, most people do not seem to spend much ...

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