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Heaven: Will those called Israel’s little flock be there?

This “little flock” is mentioned by our Lord in what people typically speak of as Luke’s gospel. Luke 12:32 32 Fear not, little flock; for ...

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Death:  Have they gone on to a better place? 

It seems this is something you’ll often hear from family and friends around the casket of a loved one and/or at a memorial service/funeral.  Is ...

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Apostles:  Will The Twelve be in Heaven?

I suspect many people will be surprised at such a question.  But that’s because most people don’t know that God will have one overall kingdom ...

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Heaven:  What will it be like?

Is this not something many wonder about? What does the Bible tell us about this? In answer to this question, one of the first things ...

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Kingdom:  What will be our place in Christ’s Kingdom?

In the first book, the first chapter, and the first verse of the Bible we have an important principle that is often glossed over.  Let’s ...

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Heaven and Hell:  Are they both FOREVER?

In giving the gospel of salvation to someone, it is common to explain that salvation provides eternal life.  That life is without end.  It extends ...

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Death: Are deceased Christians now in heaven?

In answering this important question, the first thing we need to do is define what it means to be a Christian.  In other words, how ...

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Heaven:  How good must you be to get there?

In nearly every church or religious group you can name, doing good for acceptance by God is a part of what is taught.  If you ...

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Life: What’s it all about?

Over fifty years ago I wrote a “gospel tract” to help people understand what was most important in life.  This was simply a little pamphlet ...

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Heaven: How does a person qualify?

The Bible tells us that those who trust solely in Jesus Christ and His work, namely His death to pay the sin debt for all ...

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