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Free will

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Calvinism:  How are born spiritually blind people blinded?

Calvinism and what is also called Reformed Theology claims that all people are born spiritually blind with no hope of that ever changing unless God ...

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Angels:  Do they have free will? 

The will of both men and angels is an important subject, even if most people wouldn’t think so.  Before the time of Genesis 3 in ...

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Volition: Does man have free will? Part 2

Because of the extreme importance of having a right understanding of this subject, I decided to write a second article about it.  There are people ...

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Hell: Does God pick and choose who’s going there?

There are people who think God does this.  They believe man’s will is really not a factor and that he is not free to operate ...

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Volition: Does man have free will?

To some people that may look like a stupid question because to say that man even has a will is to acknowledge that it is ...

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