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Christmas: Why is Jesus said to be of Nazareth but born in Bethlehem? 

The answer to this can be found by examining His childhood days as recorded in Scripture.  The King James Bible text mentions in twenty places ...

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Christmas: Why do some people say Xmas instead? 

Yes, there are people who will be offended by any truth you communicate about Jesus Christ.  This is especially true with “religious” people. They are ...

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Christmas:  What about it causes you to rejoice? 

Of course, the word “rejoice” means to simply cause great joy or delight.  What are the things that cause this in you?  As I write ...

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Christmas: What could be the best gift you could give? 

More than anything else, people need something durable, something wonderful that’s lasting. Is there anything you could give someone that would have that feature and ...

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Christmas:  What is the origin of the Christmas tree?

As it has often been said, what goes up must come down.  Such is the case with the annual Christmas tree.  We used to display ...

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Christmas:  Have you received the greatest gift?

I suppose many who read this will already know exactly what this is.  But why is it that so many people don’t see it as ...

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Christmas:  What should we know about Mary?

Of course, I’m speaking of Mary, the mother of the Christ child, Jesus.  What are some of the most important things we should know about ...

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Christmas:  What is the star of Bethlehem?

The power of tradition is amazing.  That power is often even greater when what the tradition teaches is false.  Such is certainly the case with ...

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Christmas:  Was Jesus Christ born December 25?

I’m afraid this is just another of many examples of how “tradition” so often misrepresents things given in the Bible.  As anyone who is familiar ...

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Christmas:  What are “swaddling” clothes?

As I guess you know, these “swaddling” clothes are a part of the Christmas story.  Here’s the Bible passage where this is mentioned. Luke 2:1-12 ...

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