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Angels:  Do they have free will? 

The will of both men and angels is an important subject, even if most people wouldn’t think so.  Before the time of Genesis 3 in ...

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Genesis 6:1-4: Who are these sons of God? 

It is this passage that may come first to one’s mind in answering this question. John 1:11-13 11 He came unto his own, and his own ...

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Spirits: Who are the ones in 1 Peter 3:19? 

To begin our study of this, let’s first look at the context in which we find this verse. 1 Peter 3:18-22 18 For Christ also hath ...

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Angels:  Do we have guardian angels today?

From the comments I’ve heard over the years, obviously many people think we do.  There should be no doubt that angels are real, and ones ...

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Angels:  Is this what people become when they die?

Some people certainly think they do.  I’ve heard people express this belief off and on all my adult life.  Although I don’t know for sure, ...

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Angels:  Are they Men, Women, or Both?

Depictions of angels have been in church art for centuries, but what are we to think of it? Are the depictions accurate or not? We ...

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