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Noah: What lessons can we gain from his experience with the flood?

Gary Googe Mar 05
  1. Be prepared to serve God at any age. Noah was around 600 years old when he was asked to do something really big.
  2. Pleasing God demands faith in His word. It had never rained before when God commissioned Noah to build the ark.
  3. Speed isn’t everything. It took over a hundred years to build the ark.
  4. The flood was an act of God’s judgment, but He always offers grace first.
  5. Never let the critics discourage or distract you. Just get on with the work you have been commissioned to do.
  6. There will always be skeptics. Believe God’s word and ignore them.
  7. Always bear in mind that the Ark was built by what some may call amateurs and the Titanic was built by experts.
  8. God provides a way of salvation. Don’t miss the boat!
  9. No matter what the storm, you are always safe when you are on God’s side.
  10. Never be concerned about being in the minority. When Noah boarded the ark, he was in the minority, but when he got off the ark he was in the majority.
  11. Beware: Noah’s drunkenness after the flood shows there can be great failure after great achievements.
  12. Even though there will be times when we fail, the example we set can live forever as a source of warning and encouragement to others.
  13. God always provides for His people a way to begin again more intelligently.
  14. Remember to take comfort in the fact that as believers are all in the same boat.
  15. Unwavering faith is a key to leaving a great legacy.
  16. Being of service to our Lord always demands faith and work.
  17. Rainbows always serve to remind us of God’s faithfulness to keep His word.


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